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Giving up Nick Owen. And Cake.

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

I haven’t been as big a blogger as I thought I’d be. I think I spend far too much time working, or something. Actually, the honest truth is I’ve spent a huge amount of energy recently avoiding doing three overdue essays for my counselling course. They aren’t long essays and the amount brain power required to actively avoid doing these essays directly corrolates to the amount of brain power required to complete them.  Maybe I should just do them. Oh my christ, what kind of tie does Nick Owen have on? It looks like it’s made out of luminous crepe paper vomit. How chic! His vomit-tie completely overshadows everything else on the screen, including his face, which is going some when you have a face like a congenial bag of spanners.

Sorry, I got distracted there. See. See how it happens? I start thinking about essays and suddenly the likes of Nick Owen and his tie come along and divert my attention.

Cakes. Cakes also have the same affect as Nick Owen. Distracting. You know, which one should I have? Why chose? Why not have them all? Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have all of them, maybe I should show restraint. Sod constraint, I like cake. See, I get all confused.

So I’ve come to the decision that I’m going to give up cakes and Nick Owen, till the end of July, when my course finishes. This would be a sort of post-Lentern abstention. I always was a little rebel. Me, giving up Nick Owen at the age of ….oh the numbers on my keyboard aren’t working. Technical hitch.