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This Bit

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

This is the bit about blogging that kinda irks me. The bit that forces me to be the best written form of me that I can be. This is the bit where you start a blog and no one appears to read it, think about it or find it worthy of commenting on. It can take months to get past this bit, to the bit where people come regularly, do more than sniff and sigh and even occasionally have something to say in response to your outburst. That’s the bit I like.

The thing is about this bit is that unless this bit is good you never actually get to the next bit. How do I know? Well I did have a go at this before, twice in fact. The first time was in 2003, under the guise of Fascinating Edna at Lipstick, Lighter and Tampax. I let that roll away as my life twisted and turned. Sad that I’d relinquished my grip on the keyboard I started again with The Effects of Gravity. That’s gone too, mostly because the people who read it actually drank beer with me, which does kind of stifle your creativity a bit.

So they’re gone, and I’m here now, I wonder where we will go. I do wonder if anyone will actually go anywhere with me. Given that I’ve just written a blog entry about entirely nothing I’ll be lucky if you follow me to the end of our street.