It would be fair to say that music is sort of in our bones. Even those of my children who don’t actively make music are singers and players, they just do it for their own pleasure, not show offs like the rest of us.

I used to be in a great little rock band called Ruby’s Promise. We spent much of our time having fun doing covers, but we did also write our own stuff.. You can find all of the recorded stuff over at but here’s a taste of some of it on soundcloud:

Before meeting me and working with me in Less for Murder my fella, Beardie, was in an outstanding band called Damn Dirty Apes. They never reached the heights of success they deserved but they are well worth a listen:

Today we have a new project, called Less for Murder, which is made up of Matthew Ritchie (ex Damn Dirty Apes), Deborah Ritchie (ex Ruby’s Promise), Simon Roe (Last Under the Sun, Police Bastard, Engagement Party), Deborah Roe (a trained clarinet and saxophonist who is enjoying her return to music following some years concentrating on her family) and Simon Reeves (music producer with an impressive clientelle, exDamn Dirty Apes, Lokey, Last Under the Sun). We’re pretty catchy, very sneaky and a lot of fun. You can follow us on

My eldest son Gareth (or Eggy to his friends) is just starting out in a live band so we look forward to hearing some recordings soon. He’s also an established DJ (Mr MiEggy) you can follow him on soundcloud

My youngest son Christopher is more into the art of watching Football at this moment, but nothing makes him happier than music louder than ears can stand.

My eldest daughter is Bethan, she is in a band called Bethan and the Morgans. You can like them at Or you can subscribe to their youtube channel.

My youngest, Mads, made her musical debut last Christmas at a guitar concert for Oxjam. Here’s her one minute of fame (she forgot to repeat the tune) :