This Week’s Menu

We both work full time, Beardie often works more than 12 hours a day so needs lots of food to keep him going. I have diabetes and fibromyalgia so i have to watch my diet. Although we work full time I very rarely resort to ready meals mainly because of the high fat/sugar content in them, so when I do feel too ill to cook or too tired I don’t feel so guilty buying the odd one.

Homemade multigrain porridge
3 parts oats
1 part rye flakes
1 part barley flakes
dried berries, usually try to include some ‘superfood’ like goji berries, but tastes just fine with mixed fruit in. Make as usual with skimmed/semi-skimmed milk and a dollop of fat free greek yogurt.

Jungle chicken curry (fresh ready meal) and deli samosas – £1.44 reduced from £4 at tesco.
Lemon couscous stuffed bell peppers with lemon and cracked pepper mackerel
Lentil soup
Vegetable soup
Leftover Christmas Cheese and bacon Frittata

Monday – Freezer fish stew
Tuesday – Chicken and chickpea casserole
Wednesday – Sausage and red wine casserole
Thursday – Left over day (I always make too much of everything)
Friday = Christmas party chilli (evidence that I make too much of everything)

The soups are home made and follow no set recipe. I always make a litre to fit in empty ice cream tubs I use two stock cubes, 2 sticks celery, 1 large onion, salt and pepper in everything I make. The veg soup this week has sprouts, carrots and parsnip in but I’ll use whatever veg i have in the house. The lentil soup has a full mug of dahl lentils in (just a mix of lentils, ready mixed for the supermarket but my experience is a cupful of any lentils will work), carrot and cabbage. Be as adventurous as you like, I leave the garlic out if it’s soup for work.

I found a recipe online called ‘leftover cheese pie’ but figured the cheese made it fatty enough, without pastry so I just made the old faithful frittata and replaced the usual cheddar with whatever was left from christmas – stilton and cheddar with chive. Now I know it works I’ll keep my eye open for reduced cheese chunks. My general rule of thumb is I cook enough vegetables to ensure I can’t see the bottom of the pan (all are optional except the onions and potato) –
diced courgette
onions/spring onions
peppers (sliced frozen peppers are £1 a bag at iceland)
1 large potato microwaved, skinned and thinly sliced (or left over spuds from your sunday roast)
6 large free range eggs well beaten and approximately a mug of grated cheese.

You can sweat the veg off in a frying pan then put them into a quiche dish add the eggs and cheese and bake for 20mins at 180c or if you have a hob to oven pan just stick it all in and pop it in the oven. Once it’s cooled slice it into thick wedges and wrap in greaseproof paper, keep in the fridge.

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